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Brian Aker brian at
Tue Dec 2 14:33:27 CET 2003

I have an mpf_t value that I would like to output in the form of
"12323.2344555", so from what I can tell mpf_set_str() is not what I am
looking for and I am better off using gmp_snprintf(). The problem I am
running into is that I want to allocate the string for gmp_snprintf()
correctly before I call it. 
I do not see a method though for doing this (and I dislike the thought
of calling it twice, and determining if it overflowed or not).

I have read through the info pages, so I hope I am not missing some
simple solution :)


Brian "Krow" Aker, brian at
Seattle, Washington
You can't grep a dead tree.

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