whats happening ?

Torbjorn Granlund tege@swox.com
23 Oct 2002 10:04:18 +0200

Jason Moxham <J.L.Moxham@maths.soton.ac.uk> writes:

  On Tuesday 22 Oct 2002 8:25 pm, Torbjorn Granlund wrote:
  > Jason Moxham <J.L.Moxham@maths.soton.ac.uk> writes:
  >   I done some preliminary work on a few algorithms ,and even in a
  > completely un-optimized form have got some good results for some of the
  > following functions , other results , not so good :(
  >   mpz_root using varible precision , division free newton method
  > What is needed is mpn_rootrem with these properties.  mpz_root
  > should not change.
  The varible precision root method I implemented has proven bounds , so cannot 
  ever be in error , I assume this is your objection , if not , what is it ?
Well, we're clearly in misunderstanding.

No, I don't object to code that is correct.  As a matter of fact,
I much prefer correct code to incorrect code.  It is a very
reasonable misunderstanding that you thought I liked incorrect
code.  ;-)

My point was that replacing mpz_root isn't the right change since
the real root extraction is performed at the mpn level.  In the
development sources, there are several call sites for