Building on WIn2K

Brian Gladman
Fri, 22 Nov 2002 12:38:35 -0000

Thanks for the input Kevin.  I appreciate the idea since this would
certainly save some time for me.

While I did download gas with this in mind, I quickly found that I needed m4
and then quite a few other 'unix style' tools that would have made my
development environemnt still more complex than it is now.

Moreover, gas is really only a backend for gcc and does not have the
facilities that are really needed for doing decent assembler code
development work. In contrast NASM is a good assembler with all the
facilities needed for this.

Hence although the conversion is a bit of a chore, once I have done this I
do at least have code that is much easier to work with and improve.

Nevertheless it is a chore so I only convert what I need even though I get
emails asking me to do the rest.

    Brian Gladman