Reserved names in C++

Kevin Ryde
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 09:05:16 +1000

Roberto Bagnara <> writes:
> (no C++ compiler/version
> has been binary compatible with any other,

True, but outside our scope.

> no distribution I know
> of has shipped precompiled versions of libgmpxx and so forth).

Oh, well, the rules apply irrespective how you get libgmpxx, either
from a package or by building your own.

And as far as __mpz_struct in the mangling goes, of course it's also
in application and third party library object files directly, not just
in libgmpxx, and that dates right back to gmp 3.0.

If one day we have a big compatibility break for whatever reason then
yes we should certainly address such things.  But breaking
compatibility in a library like gmp which is used by other libraries
causes lots of pain so we'd want good reasons for doing so.