Paul Leyland
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 03:48:20 -0800

> From: Jason Moxham []=20

Many lines of goood stuff deleted.

Quoting me:=20

>> I would argue that it should have a "unsigned long *expt"=20
>> argument which returns the multiplicity of the factor
>> returned.
> Possible , although I think it is unneccessairy (as we have=20
> the mpz fn mpz_remove_ui) , consider
> d=3Dmpz_trial_div(N,1,10000);
> m=3Dmpz_remove_ui(N,N,d);
> to cover the multiplicity case

Fair point.  Thanks.

> From Paul
> ----------------
>> order is a real PITA.   If I have to go to all that trouble,=20
>> I may just as well code the trial division myself and avoid
>> all the complexity.  It's likely to runs faster as well,
>> just because I don't have to go through all the post-processing.
>> The whole point of a library is to remove the need to=20
>> rewrite frequently used code.
> I couldn't agree more , What is PITA ?

Sorry.  I thought it was a reasonably well-known acronym for acute
rectal discomfort.

> I hope this answers all your objections ?

I believe so.