Installation problem on Cygwin (ABI=32)

Jason Moxham
Sat, 2 Nov 2002 02:16:17 +0000

On Friday 01 Nov 2002 9:08 pm, Kevin Ryde wrote:
> jblazi <> writes:
> > I am trying to install Core, that is a library for exact geometrical
> > compuations. Core needs gmp I should like to work work on *Cygwin*.
> > When I try to install gmp (I have to input make configure first) I ge=
> > the error message that ABI=3D32 is not on the ABI list which seemingl=
y only
> > contains 'standard'.
> There's only one ABI on cygwin for gmp, you're best off not trying to
> choose anything, ie. just use "./configure".

I use gmp under cygwin in two ways , for static gmp libs only,

for programs that need to use cygwin.dll , I just use the default configu=

and for programs that I want to run native , or must not use cygwin.dll ,=
configure with

=2E/configure --build=3Dathlon-pc-mingw32 --host=3Di586-pc-mingw32 --disa=

effectivily just using cygwin as a build enviroment only , saves me havin=
g to=20
install both mingw32 and cygwin.

Although , I only use the mpz,mpn functions , none of the formatted outpu=
printf type stuff

> > I do not know whether this is a gmp or a Core problem but I suspect t=
> > I am having this problem with gmp.
> Are you running the gmp configure or does the Core stuff do so?  If
> the latter then the problem is probably down to it.
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