gmp 4.1 documentation improvement suggestions

Kevin Ryde
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 07:57:22 +1000

Vincent Lefevre <> writes:
> Also, I don't understand the following two sentences:
>     Even if the user has asked for a very high precision, MP will
>     not calculate with superfluous digits. For example, if two
>     low-precision numbers of nearly equal magnitude are added, the
>     precision of the result will be limited to what is required to
>     represent the result accurately.

That's a leftover from mpf, where a size of the current data is
maintained separately from the precision of the variable.  The effect
being to avoid calculating with lots of trailing zeros.

> They should probably be removed.

Yep, since it's not true of mpfr, in its current form.