yet another C++ wrapper for mpq

Johan Vervloet
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 15:07:17 +0100

Dear all,

At the University of Antwerp, we are working at the `Arithmos
project', which aims to bridge as much as possible the gap between
exact mathematical and computed results.  It consists of a C++
library on one hand, and a graphical interface which uses the
functionality of the library on the other hand.

For rational arithmetic, Arithmos uses a C++ wrapper around the gmp
mpq rationals.  Some time ago, we released this part under the LGPL,
and it's available for download.

Some of you might be interested in trying this library out.

I may be a little late with this announcement, since a C++ wrapper
for mpq already exists in gmp 4.x.  But a special thing about this
library, is that it is able to represent infinity, and it includes
some special values for e.g. square roots of non-squares or negative

Maybe a link to this project can be added to the gmp page ?



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