GMP 6.2.0 doesn't build on C89 compilers - Patch attached

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Thu May 7 07:47:26 UTC 2020

Colin Finck <colin at> writes:

  We build GMP as part of a GCC build for a build environment and have
  just upgraded to GMP 6.2.0.

  Unfortunately, this version fails to build using C89 compilers or under
  Linux distributions that don't advertise C99 support. In particular, one
  of our developers couldn't compile GMP 6.2.0 under Slackware 14.1 (see

  Fortunately, there is only one file in GMP 6.2.0 making use of C99-style
  variable declarations inside a for loop. Patching these out fixes the bui=
  A corresponding patch is attached.

  I'd be glad to see this fixed upstream, so that we don't have to ship a
  patched version of GMP.

We added a test configuration to the automated GMP testing setup.
It catches a few C89 discrepances in fact.

The GMP developers have in the past discussed moving to C99.  I don't
recall that we decided to make the move yet, which means that
compile_powtab.c is not correct.  (But would probably be a wise thing to
do for the next major release.)

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