mini-gmpxx - mini-gmp C++ interface

Vladimir S. FONOV vladimir.fonov at
Fri Jul 12 14:38:05 UTC 2019


I needed a mini version of gmp, to work with C++ inteface, so I created
 mini-gmpxx.h (gmpxx.h for mini-gmp) , mostly for the purpose of compiling
cork on macOS without libgmp present, take a look in , it
is basically original gmpxx.h with commented out pieces of code that
wouldn't work without mpq and mpf interfaces.

I also had to add couple of defines from omp.h to mini-omp.h , so there are
small changes too.

Maybe it would be of interest to somebody?
Best regards,

 Vladimir S. Fonov ~ vladimir <dot> fonov <at> gmail <dot> com

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