Progresses for the next release? [Was: New code for primality testing]

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Sun Jan 6 12:43:56 UTC 2019

Il Dom, 6 Gennaio 2019 1:06 pm, Marco Bodrato ha scritto:
> I mean, if we decide that a couple of functions (one to count primes,
> another to loop on primes) *strictly* in the range of unsigned long
> integers, belong the the GMP library, then we have all the building blocks

On my side, I think that for sure they do not belong to GMP-6.2, and that
we should focus on releasing that version.

We already have enough news for that:
 - lazy allocation for the mpz-layer (also mpq partially benefit of it),
 - a new implementation of mpz_bin_ui (after suggestions by Fredrik
 - a renewed primality testing algorithm,
 - some bug fixes (the bug fixed in mpn/generic/gcd_1.c, 7 months ago,
does not have a line in NEWS yet... should be added),
 - more functionality ported to the C++ and to the mini- interfaces,
and probably some other details not yet described in NEWS...

Do you think there is something important missing for the 6.2 release?

One is:
 - checking documentation: was it updated according to implementation?



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