Update THESHOLD name in jacobi.c

Niels Möller nisse at lysator.liu.se
Wed Apr 17 05:35:17 UTC 2019

Seth Troisi <braintwo at gmail.com> writes:

> Thank you for the link, it's nice to see it matches my understanding of
> what's going on.
> Did your draft paper ever get published anywhere such that I can link to it
> as a reference?

No, I haven't tried to get it in shape and submit it anywhere.

> I did a first pass at a new high level overview of the algorithm.
> https://github.com/sethtroisi/libgmp/pull/5/files
> (I can't currently verify the html docs but I'll do so when I get home)

Maybe it's good to explain that it produces the same sequence of
reductions a - mb, b - ma as the gcd algorithm, without repeating
details, and then focus on how the jabobi symbol is derived from that

> I'd appreciate some guidance around gmp documentation.
> 1. Is it enough to make incremental improvements to this section (my
> preference)? or should I strive for a single, larger, completely fleshed
> out patch?
> 2. Should I add descriptions of other considered algorithms and their
> downsides (e.g. EGCD, BGCD)?
> 3. Who do you consider to be the audience for these documents? Should there
> be additional introductory links to these concepts?

Good questions, not sure I have the answers.

1. If you think you will have a complete patch in the not too distant
   future, it may be easier to review the complete patch. But an
   incremental patch soon is preferable to something complete in the
   distant future.

2. I'd say generally no, only if that helps understanding the choice and
   workings of the algorithm actually used.

3. GMP users, which is a fairly broad group. Some are experts in number
   theory and computer science, but most aren't. I think the algorithms
   chapter should explain the main ideas of the algorithms, without
   assuming the reader is an expert, to explain what performance can be
   expected of gmp. And make it easy to find relevant literature (by
   direct reference where practical, or by giving enough names and
   keywords to make it easy to search for).

> Silly question, what does _DC_ refer to in the threshold name?



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