mini-gmp test suite could be improved

paul zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at
Wed Sep 5 08:08:21 UTC 2018


I noticed the mini-gmp test suite does not seem to contain any test of
mpz_add_ui with the unsigned long argument having more than 32 bits.
Indeed with the following change "make check" still says "All 25 tests passed"
(with the mini-gmp from gmp-6.1.2):

mpz_add_ui (mpz_t r, const mpz_t a, unsigned long b)
  b = b % 0xffffffff;
  if (a->_mp_size >= 0)
    r->_mp_size = mpz_abs_add_ui (r, a, b);
    r->_mp_size = -mpz_abs_sub_ui (r, a, b);

At least one test with ULONG_MAX would be welcome.

Maybe the same holds for other ui/si functions.


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