mini-gmp and mpq

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the message wasintended for gmp-devel, but of course was not off-topic on
discuss too.

Il Mer, 14 Febbraio 2018 7:53 pm, Marco Bodrato ha scritto:
> Ciao,
> Il Mar, 13 Febbraio 2018 7:38 pm, Daniele Panozzo ha scritto:
>> Is there any plan to extend mini-gmp to rationals (mpq)? This would
>> really
>> make it perfect for my use case.
> Curious request. We sometimes discussed about modularising mini-gmp. This
> request would benefit of such a modularisation.
> It shouldn't be too difficoult to add the mpq layer; at least if you don't
> need to deal with floats types nor strings.
> I tried to write some functions, just to see how difficoult it could be. I
> attach a possible implementation. Would it fit your needs?
> Of course, extending mini-gmp would not only mean writing some simple
> functions, but also integrating them in the existing code and, this is
> REALLY IMPORTANT, writing some tests!
> The attached code was NOT TESTED in any way! It can be a starting point.


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