C99 and GMP

Marco Bodrato bodrato at mail.dm.unipi.it
Fri Apr 27 05:05:36 UTC 2018

Ciao Marc,

Il Gio, 26 Aprile 2018 4:40 pm, Marc Glisse ha scritto:
> Marco had a mini-mpq that seemed to be in a working state. I guess it is
> missing tests, so too much work for 6.2. Is that a correct interpretation
> of the status?

I pushed it, so that you can see the status ;-)
I did not include the to/from double conversion function, they do not pass
my tests with the current mpz_get_d.

Testing coverage is good:

What is missing? Documentation.
I mean, a few lines in mini-gmp/README

Also a correct documentation of lazy mpq is missing, but needed before the



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