Comparison of multiple-precision floating-point software

paul zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at
Wed Apr 25 09:21:47 UTC 2018

       Dear GMP developers,

I have updated my comparison of multiple-precision floating-point software.
The old page was comparing MPF from GMP 5.0.2 with (among others) MPFR 3.1.2:

Here, MPF was only faster than MPFR for 100d mul and sqr, and 1000d div.

The new comparison is available at (temporary web page):

Now MPF is faster than MPFR for all 100d operations, for 1000d and 10000d
div. You have done a great work in GMP 6!

You should be able to reproduce the timings since they were done on gcc67,
and the source code is available.

Your feedback is welcome.

Best regards,

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