<DKIM> Re: mpn_sqrtrem{1,2}

Torbjörn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Sun Jan 29 10:25:12 UTC 2017

Adrien Prost-Boucle <adrien.prost-boucle at laposte.net> writes:

  So first I'd like to know,
  what do GMP developers think about using FP there?
Making GMP dependent in libm is not OK.

Using time-critical floating-point features on a CPU-by-CPU basis is ok,
but needs to be done with care.  Are these instructions unconditionally
available?  Are they affected by a hardware state "rounding mode" which
could make the operation incorrect?

Using floating-point in C for something time-critical is not good since
GMP should run well on a broad set of CPUs, some of which will run such
code poorly.

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