Recent changes to mpn_get_str/mpn_set_str

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Fri Jan 27 08:49:08 UTC 2017

  > I'll see if I can brush up the code and make use of it for machines with
  > pipelined multiply.
  If it extracts digits limb by limb, then progressively shorten the buffer
  used by the mul_1 phase, I believe it will reach the performances claimed
  by the two authors.
  Unfortunately I do not have access neither to your old code nor to the
  code of the two authors...

My old code lives in ~tege/GMP/setget_str on the main GMP dev machine.

I apprarently started this project around 2002 but the file inaptly
named newest-mpn_get_str.c is from 2007.  It links to the limb_out.c
file.  Both files are shock full of nested #if for testing various
pieces of code.  Not pretty, I think one might be better of starting
from scratch, even if looking at the old code for ideas is probably

  and I won't write a third implementation from scratch... not
  immediately at least :-)
How about now?  :-)

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