New mini-gmp macro GMP_CMP?

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Sat Nov 26 22:50:38 UTC 2016


Il Gio, 24 Novembre 2016 4:44 pm, Niels Möller ha scritto:

> Looks fine to me. I find the result on overflow a bit odd (but I think
> it's the same as gmp). If I understand it correctly, the value v of
> mpz_get_si (u), is defined by the conditions
>   sgn(v) == sgn(u) and
>   v == u (mod GMP_LIMB_HIGHBIT)
> Is that right?

The manual says:

"[...] Otherwise return the least significant part of op, with the same
sign as op."

... but both the definition on the manual and your do not completely
satisfy me.

mpz_get_si(2^1000) returns 0, and the sign is not the same...



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