Help stabilising mini-gmp

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Mon Nov 14 14:49:12 UTC 2016

I recently enabled automated testing of mini-gmp, the little
library-in-the-library which comes with GMP.  It has thus far discovered
these problems:

1. GMP_CHECK_RANDOMIZE is not always printed for failing tests.  This
   makes it hard to reproduce intermittent failures.  It needs to be
   printed earlier, and/or a buffer needs flushing.

2. There are inexplicable timeouts (or possibly excessive memory use)
   triggered by t-pprime_p for some of our systems:,,,

   Perhaps the test is simply too slow, or its time varies hugely, or it
   hits an infinite loop.

3. The mini-gmp check target fails when the main build does not use the
   compiler default ABI.  This affects:

   One may wonder why not more configs are affected!

4. There are failures with t-str, this affects,,

5. The t-div test intermittently fails on at least (note that it uses
   clang, which means the likelihood of a compiler bug being the culprit
   is perhaps high).

6. The t-limbs test triggers an assert.  It looks like any config could
   trigger this, but thus far it has only happened on,

7. On alpha, t-cmp_d fails:,

8. There are what looks like genuine arithmetic problems triggered by
   t-gcd.  But since the only example is which uses clang, it
   might also be a compiler bug.

I am busy with other GMP projects in this period, and the main mini-gmp
maintainer is busy at work.  If you have time and skill, please help us
address these problems!

Please encrypt, key id 0xC8601622

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