Add mpz_inp_str to mini-gmp

Austyn Krutsinger akrutsinger at
Tue Jul 5 10:31:38 UTC 2016

I appreciate all of the effort that the community has put into
complementing the gmp library with mini-gmp. I was using mini-gmp a couple
days ago and wanted to read in a number from a FILE stream and noticed that
the mpz_inp_str function wasn't available in mini-gmp, so I added it.

I'd ask that the community take a look at the attached patch against
gmp-6.1.1. In addition to the mpz_inp_str function, I added a test case
that is just an expansion of the gmp library test case. The only difference
is a couple bigger random numbers to convert and test.

I am not sure if there was a reason FILE streams were not implemented
before, but if there is I'd be interested in hearing why. I hope someone
can find this useful.


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