[PATCH] longlong.h: Fix obsolete ARC asm constraints

Claudiu Zissulescu Claudiu.Zissulescu at synopsys.com
Wed Aug 24 15:31:00 UTC 2016


> 1) Does the patch break things for people using an older compiler? (how
> old?) Is it worth having both versions with an #if on the compiler
> version?

No, J is really old, very probably there is no compiler around (besides the ones in archives) that supports this constraint letter as the Tangent architecture is retired for a long time now.

> 2) Do we need to backport the patch if we ever do a 6.1.2 release?

Yes :)

> From your messages, it seems clear that the answer to 2) is yes. 1) is not
> quite clear yet though. As far as I can tell from gcc's sources, the
> current ARC port was added for gcc-4.9 and already supported "Cal". A
> previous ARC port was obsoleted in gcc-4.6. That usually means the port
> already didn't work so well in previous releases, so it may indeed be
> unnecessary to support the old syntax.

Thank you,

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