Niels Möller nisse at lysator.liu.se
Mon Oct 12 07:26:59 UTC 2015

Victor Shoup <shoup at cs.nyu.edu> writes:

> I'm also interested, because of potential applications 
> to my NTL library for faster multi-modular FFTs.

I'm also thinking of small-prime FFT. I guess it's going to be a bit
challenging to do efficient modulo p arithmetic. Besides efficient simd
multiplication, I think one really need reasonable simd compare and
conditional move. I'm not sure what's available there.

> One concrete issue: if one wanted to fully exploit VPMADD52 instructions,
> then perhaps that would be a good reason to enable the "nails" feature
> in GMP.

12 nail bits (19% of a full word) is maybe a bit excessive.


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