mpz_export to file?

Marc Glisse marc.glisse at
Wed Dec 9 09:47:30 UTC 2015

On Wed, 9 Dec 2015, paul zimmermann wrote:

> mpz_export() exports an integer to some allocated array. For saving huge
> integers to a file, this is not optimal since one has first to allocate a
> huge array in memory, "export" the mpz_t to that array, and then copy that
> array to memory.

Can't you use mmap for that? (not arguing against your interface, just 

> Would it be possible to have a function that exports directly to a file
> (and of course the corresponding import function)?
> void mpz_export_file (FILE *f, mpz_t op);
> void mpz_import_file (mpz_t op, FILE *f);
> One could imagine a format where several numbers can be exported in the same
> file:
>   f = fopen ("toto", "w");
>   mpz_export_file (f, a);
>   mpz_export_file (f, b);
>   mpz_export_file (f, c);
>   fclose (f);
>   ...
>   f = fopen ("toto", "r");
>   mpz_import_file (a, f);
>   mpz_import_file (b, f);
>   mpz_import_file (c, f);
>   fclose (f);

Marc Glisse

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