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Thu Jan 16 20:38:56 UTC 2014

Zimmermann Paul <Paul.Zimmermann at> writes:

> 2) I had to add a line:
>    unsigned int mp_bits_per_limb = GMP_NUMB_BITS;

I just added this to mini-gmp, or more precisely 

  const int mp_bits_per_limb = GMP_LIMB_BITS;

It's signed, just like in gmp, I have no idea why unsigned is not used.

> 3) I had to change "static void" to "void" for gmp_default_alloc,
>    gmp_default_realloc and gmp_default_free since we use them in MPFR

Why are you using these functions?

If one wants a particular allocation method, e.g., plain malloc, to me
it seems best to use that directly. Or if one wants allocation which is
compatible with gmp allocations, one shouldn't use the *default*, but
the actually registered functions. E.g, in Nettle I have a function

  mp_limb_t *
  gmp_alloc_limbs (mp_size_t n)
    void *(*alloc_func)(size_t);
    assert (n > 0);
    mp_get_memory_functions (&alloc_func, NULL, NULL);
    return (mp_limb_t *) alloc_func ( (size_t) n * sizeof(mp_limb_t));


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