TODO for 5.2 v3

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Thu Jan 2 23:46:20 UTC 2014

We're almost there.  I've gotten back from Intel and AMD, they are
digging out the needed info for us.

I went ahead and made the change to mpz_invert (and its test code).

As soon as the assembly hacking is done, I'll start he tuneup runs.
They'll take a couple of days.  Then tom, hannah, biko, pile will be
unavailable (and not run any virtualisation guests).

* Make some other sec functions from Niels' list public?  We really want
  to allow straightforward implementations of any common group used for
  (4 h)

* Split up outer loops of mpn/x86_64/coreisbr/mul_basecase.asm.
* Split up outer loops of mpn/x86_64/coreihwl/mul_basecase.asm.
  (well underway, ~20 h remaining)

* Make sure the test suite exercises all new sec code.  (The coverage
  status can be gleaned at
  (? h)

* Run tuneup with large limits for critical machines, update many
  gmp-mparam.h files.  (Waiting for asm checkin.)
  (4 h + wait)

* Update config.guess and mpn/x86*/fat/fat.c with upcoming AMD and
  Intel CPUs.  (Waiting on input from AMD and Intel.)
  (2 h)


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