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Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Wed Apr 23 10:35:39 UTC 2014

Andreas Enge <andreas.enge at> writes:

  Done at
  The most appropriate "component" seemed to be "web", and I hope this does
  not relegate the bug to the category of never looked at (there are "new" and
  "unassigned" bugs from 2008 in this component).

Good.   (I read this only after I made my last comment.)

I tried to adjoin some information to your report, but alas, they won't
let me unless I create a gcc-specific "account".

If your worries that this will be ignored, let's contact the GCC
Steering Committee, since this from their perpective is mostly a
non-technical question concerning policy.

(I am trying to kill off ftp downloads in favour of https downloads, I
don't want any new ftp links.  Ftp is MitM friendly, and while https has
its weaknesses, it is much harder for meddlesome governments and
criminals to mess with it.  I gradually throttle ftp bandwidth, hoping
against hope that people will then switch to using https.)

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