Does -0.5 fit an unsigned when truncated to an integer?

bodrato at bodrato at
Mon Mar 18 08:28:55 CET 2013


I was reading some sources in mpf, and I do not understand a detail.

Documentation of mpf_fits_uint_p reads:
"Return non-zero if op would fit in the respective C data type, when
truncated to an integer."

The source code contains the comment:
/* Notice this is equivalent to mpz_set_f + mpz_fits_u*_p.  */

But mpf_fits_uint_p (-0.5) returns zero, and our test suite require this
  mpf_set_str_or_abort (f, "-0.5", 10);
  expr = "-0.5";
  EXPECT (mpf_fits_ulong_p, 0);
  EXPECT (mpf_fits_uint_p, 0);
  EXPECT (mpf_fits_ushort_p, 0);

I don't understand...


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