[PATCH 00/20] Create and use hidden aliases in libgmp.so

Richard Henderson rth at twiddle.net
Mon Mar 4 21:58:32 CET 2013

On 03/04/2013 12:21 PM, Torbjorn Granlund wrote:
>   I've tried to do this in a series of steps that are as mechanical as
>   possible, and therefore as easy to review as possible.
> Is the patch set intended to be applied as a whole, or will applying
> each (in number order) give something which is intended to work.

The patch set is intended to be fully bisectable.  Each patch in sequence
should work.  That said, I can't think of any real value in keeping the patches
separate in the final commit.  The intermediate steps are not useful.

> I don't see any problem which needs addressing.  I am perfectly happy
> with how debugging works with the asm code now.

Matter of taste, I suppose.

> You can do many things in m4 which I don't know how to handle in cpp.
> E.g., for x86 and PIC, we need to remember a list of thunks to output at
> the end.

I generally do that with the assembler itself.  E.g.

	call	1f
	.subsection 2
1:	mov	(%esp), %ebx

or whatever.


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