GMP symbol naming (and the history thereof)?

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Thu Feb 28 12:38:35 CET 2013

bodrato at writes:

  Il Gio, 28 Febbraio 2013 9:50 am, Torbjorn Granlund ha scritto:
  > Richard Henderson <rth at> writes:
  > We are at least aware of these things ("Calls and linkage"):
  >   But the first thing to do is to confirm exactly what API symbols
  >   should be exported.  I'm going to begin with the assumption that if it
  >   isn't declared in, then it's not public.
  > We could start there, and wait for the screams.  :-)
  Our own test-suite will let the first scream out !-D
Hmm.  I never understood why people cannot stay away from internal

  The first thing to do IMO is to define the levels of visibility we need:
  we have documented functions, functions that are not documented but are
  used by other programs (we should probably document many of those),
  functions and tables that are used both internally and by the test-suite
  (would be nice to somehow hide them... is it possible?), functions and
  tables for internal use only...
  Next step, let the configure process define pertinent macros...
  Then, the hiding/aliasing game can start :-)
As a start, I automatically made a list of symbols.  The doc moniker
means that a grep in gmp.texi matched it; the decl matched means that a
greo in matched it.  Here:

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For reference, this is the silly script:

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