mpz_{eq,lt,gt}_{ui,si}_p macros?

Niels Möller nisse at
Sun Feb 10 21:50:53 CET 2013

bodrato at writes:

> Do you think it can make sense?

Makes sense to me. Are there any "realistic" benchmarks where it makes a

Some typos seem to remain, e.g,

+#define mpz_neq_ui_p(Z,UI) (! mpz_eq_ui_p(Z,UI))
+#define mpz_neq_si_p(Z,SI) (! mpz_eq_si_p(Z,UI))
+#define mpz_leq_ui_p(Z,UI) (! mpz_gt_ui_p(Z,UI))
+#define mpz_leq_si_p(Z,SI) (! mpz_gt_si_p(Z,UI))
+#define mpz_geq_ui_p(Z,UI) (! mpz_lt_ui_p(Z,UI))
+#define mpz_geq_si_p(Z,SI) (! mpz_lt_si_p(Z,UI))

ought to use "SI" rather than "UI" in half of the definitions...


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