[PATCH] Improve and consolidate sparc PIC assembler.

David Miller davem at davemloft.net
Mon Apr 15 23:35:47 CEST 2013

I see your response to my experiment request in the list
archived, but I never received a copy myself, even though
I received all the list postings that happened afterwards.

Maybe it's because of the scrubbed attachment?

Anyways, it appears that gcc on Solaris doesn't pre-define __PIC__
until very recently.

Please re-try the "gmake -k" using this new Makefile, thanks:

CC := gcc -m64

OBJS := test1_shared.o test1_static.o test1_lib.so \
	test2_shared.o test2_static.o test2_lib.so \
	test3_shared.o test3_static.o test3_lib.so 

all: $(OBJS)

test1_shared.o: test1.S
	$(CC) -D__PIC__ -fPIC -c -o test1_shared.o test1.S

test1_static.o: test1.S
	$(CC) -c -o test1_static.o test1.S

test1_lib.so: test1_shared.o
	$(CC) -shared -fPIC -o test1_lib.so test1_shared.o

test2_shared.o: test2.S
	$(CC) -D__PIC__ -fPIC -c -o test2_shared.o test2.S

test2_static.o: test1.S
	$(CC) -c -o test2_static.o test2.S

test2_lib.so: test2_shared.o
	$(CC) -shared -fPIC -o test2_lib.so test2_shared.o

test3_shared.o: test2.S
	$(CC) -D__PIC__ -fPIC -c -o test3_shared.o test3.S

test3_static.o: test3.S
	$(CC) -c -o test3_static.o test3.S

test3_lib.so: test3_shared.o
	$(CC) -shared -fPIC -o test3_lib.so test3_shared.o

	rm -f $(OBJS)

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