[PATCH] Improve and consolidate sparc PIC assembler.

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Wed Apr 10 20:07:52 CEST 2013

  > I assume your broad testing covers every modified file.  Do you have an
  > idea of whether that is true.
  I rechecked everything and the one case I missed was supersparc-*
  Even the current tree has a build problem of the supersparc target
  with current tools due to combination of a bug in gcc specs handling
  and new binutils enforcements of setting the cpu ABI correctly.
  The issue is that gcc doesn't specify at least "v8" in the assembler
  invocations when -mcpu=supersparc is given so binutils complains when
  it sees integer multiply and divide instructions since it defaults to
Good that you found that!

  I'll get those bugs sorted out, but at least gcc-4.6 and gcc-4.7 have
  this problem, and have had them for some time, so I think we should
  work around it.  A workaround that works is to pass "-mcpu=v8
  -mcpu=supersparc" instead of just plain "-mcpu=supersparc"
I though -mcpu=foo -mcpu=bar would either be equivalent to just
-mcpu=bar or just -mcpu=foo...

  > Whn testing shared libs, I have found that libtool sometimes prefers an
  > instaled version to the newly compiled version.  That happens more often
  > with 32-bit libs on 64-bit systems, since libtool doesn't set
  > LD_32_LIBRARY_PATH.  Please make sure the shared builds' libraries have
  > actually been tested.
  I've verified that this works as intended.  LD_32_LIBRARY_PATH seems
  to be a FreeBSD invention.
On Slowaris it is LD_LIBRARY_PATH_32...
(But the semantics of these paths might not be the same.)

  > That patch looks good to me, apart from the LEA issue.
  > Once you have addressed that, I would like to commit this to the main
  Here is the new version, thanks:
Thanks, will commit shortly after a quick read-through.


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