Status update: mini-gmp

Niels Möller nisse at
Mon Jan 16 16:23:28 CET 2012

I wrote:

> The repository is at (or
> /var/hg/gmp-proj/mini-gmp on shell).

A status update. It's almost usable by guile (may need to implement
mp_set_memory_functions, and there are some patches needed to guile to
avoid using mpq functions for conversions between fractions and

As for GMP's own uses, I can compile gmp it with dumbmp.c cut down to
the attached version, and then with copies of mini-gmp.[ch] in the top

Maybe it's getting time to move mini-gmp iinto the main gmp tree? As for
the organization, it would be simplest to put the mini-gmp.[ch] files in
the top directory, but then there's also the mini-gmp README file and
the testsuite, which I'm not sure how they should be handled.

Maybe one should put everything in a subdirectory, and have gmp make
check set up testing of it (passing any needed configuration as make
variables on the make command line, since the mini-gmp testsuite is a
plain Makefile with no autoconf). The mini-gmp testsuite still depends
on GMP, which might be an undesirable circular dependency.


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