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Niels Möller nisse at
Fri Feb 10 22:19:52 CET 2012

Torbjorn Granlund <tg at> writes:

> We made several bug fixes to gmp-5.0 that are not yet in the mainline
> gmp.  Please remember to move your fixes over.

Moved my changes over now. Summary, by commit id in the gmp-5.0 repo:

13549:5bed10c29692 Assert fix (u0 == u1 case), mpn_gcdext.

  Fix copied.
13548:77785806d3f1 hgcd_matrix_update_q bug.

  Fix copied, and code slightly simplified.

13547:ec2c2959dc8c t-gcd and t-hgcd test cases.

  Improvements copied. 

13545:11a901ce5242 gcdext_subdiv_step normalization fix.

  Current mpn_gcdext_hook seem to be correct.
13544:eab9e2a8bf48 gcdext_subdiv_step carry

  Uses different code in gcdext_lehmer.c:mpn_gcdext_hook. Related fix
  to u1n < un case.

> (It is probably best to copy the change log entry into the same
> position, so that discrepances therein better reflect actualy source
> code differences.

I'm not sure what order you'd prefer. For three of the above changes, I
could copy the ChangeLog entries almost verbatim: I just set the date to
today's date, I added a note that they originated in the 5.0 repo, and
in one case I had to change the file name since hgcd_matrix_update_q was
moved from hgcd.c to hgcd_matrix.c. The other bugfixes had to be handled
differently in the main repo.

Would you prefer to have the copied entries sorted by the original date?


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