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Thu Dec 27 12:12:50 CET 2012

[ A late reply, regarding combit and friends ]

Torbjorn Granlund <tg at> writes:

> I thought we had discussed this.  The change is fine, optimising the
> common case is a great thing in general.

Checked in a whiel ago.

> Did you consider analogous changes for the sibling functions, clrbit and
> setbit?

No, but I expect them to be a bit different. With negative numbers, I
think it's a common case that more than one bit of the absolute value is

> Do you want the suggested incompatible change listed on the incompatible
> web page?

Yes. (The suggestion was to let combit return the old (or new, if that
makes more sense) value of the bit, and possibly also have setbit and
clrbit return the old value).

Maybe it would be good to keep that file in the repo?


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