Zimmermann Paul Paul.Zimmermann at loria.fr
Mon Dec 17 17:16:02 CET 2012

> It is a pity people will need to locate mpz_kronecker_ui when they want
> a plain Legendre symbol.  I don't think the Legendre -> Jacobi ->
> Kronecker generalisations are so widely know that people will
> automatically look for functions with the other names.

by the way, here are some timings on a 2.27Ghz Intel Xeon L5640 with GMP 5.0.5:

mpz_jacobi:       532ms
mpz_legendre:     532ms
mpz_kronecker_ui: 328ms
mpz_ui_kronecker: 728ms

and on a 3Ghz AMD Phenom II X2 B55 (still with GMP 5.0.5):

mpz_jacobi:       416ms
mpz_legendre:     432ms
mpz_kronecker_ui: 256ms
mpz_ui_kronecker: 516ms

thus the faster option seems to use mpz_kronecker_ui.

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