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Fri May 20 21:19:35 CEST 2011

nisse at (Niels Möller) writes:

> I've now pushed in some new Jacobi code.


> I think it makes sense to do some cleanup and polishing on this code
> before integrating the subquadratic jacobi variant.

I've just pushed in subquadratic jacobi code. For larger sizes
(1000-10000 limbs) it seems to be about 1% slower than gcd (and still
maybe 5% slower for sizes up to 100 limbs). It uses the same thresholds
as the gcd code (GCD_DC_THRESHOLD and HGCD_DC_THRESHOLD), I doubt it
will make any significant difference to tune these separately (although
there surely is a small difference in the linear term).

To get code duplication to a more manageable level, I first reorganized
hgcd a bit, and generalized the mpn_gcd_subdiv_step so that it can be
used by hgcd.

Counting the number on non-comment lines in mpn/generic relating to gcd
and jacobi (*gcd*.c *jac*.c), there were 2115 lines in gmp-5.0.2, and
3389 in the version I just pushed in.

The mpn interface is currently:

  mpn_jacobi_n (mp_ptr ap, mp_ptr bp, mp_size_t n, unsigned bits);


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