reproducibility of GMP random functions vs limb size and GMP version

Vincent Lefevre vincent+gmp at
Fri Sep 17 10:00:19 CEST 2010

On 2010-09-16 20:17:34 +0200, Pedro Gimeno wrote:
> Paul Zimmermann wrote:
> > as far as such a change is documented in the new version, it is fine
> > for us. We were more concerned for a difference between the same GMP
> > version on different hardware, but Torbjörn's answer clarifies this.
> The current code should give the same values in all platforms. If that's
> not the case then that's a bug that should be fixed as quickly as
> possible. A pseudorandom function is not that different from the rest of
> functions of GMP; the only difference is that it returns a sequence
> instead of a value, for a given input value (seed).

There's a difference: the other functions are well-specified, while
the pseudorandom function isn't necessarily specified. The GMP manual

 -- Function: void gmp_randinit_default (gmp_randstate_t STATE)
     Initialize STATE with a default algorithm.  This will be a
     compromise between speed and randomness, and is recommended for
     applications with no special requirements.  Currently this is

First, it is not clear whether other versions will use something else
than gmp_randinit_mt (I suppose this would be an interface change).
More importantly, for gmp_randinit_mt:

 -- Function: void gmp_randinit_mt (gmp_randstate_t STATE)
     Initialize STATE for a Mersenne Twister algorithm.  This algorithm
     is fast and has good randomness properties.

The fact that it says "*a* Mersenne Twister algorithm" means that there
are several such algorithms (possibly dependening on some unspecified
constants), and it is not clear that exactly the same algorithm is used

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