Mistake with mpn_sqr_n

bodrato at mail.dm.unipi.it bodrato at mail.dm.unipi.it
Wed Nov 10 20:29:19 CET 2010


On Wed, November 10, 2010 2:56 pm, Torbjorn Granlund wrote:
> In GMP 5.0, we introduced mpn_sqr as a documented function.
> There had been an internal function mpn_sqr_n before.
> Now, after a bug report (1) I realise that mpn_sqr_n is documented in
> GMP 4.3.2 (but not in GMP 4.3.1).  That was never our intention; we
> don't want mpn_sqr_n public, and a patch release should certainly not
> change the API.
> I am not sure how to handle this situation.  We could perhaps
> 1. Treat it like a documentation error and tell people that the function
>    is not supported and indeed gone from GMP 5.  We could then patch GMP
>    4.3 and release GMP 4.3.3 with the documentation error fixed.

I agree with this option. With GMP 5 we changed solib numbers to
"correctly flag incompatibility with GMP 4.3". Nobody should complain if
GMP5 does not support a function documented in GMP4.3.2 (by mistake) but
not mentioned in GMP5 manual...



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