Memory usage for large multiplications

bodrato at bodrato at
Fri Jan 29 15:07:45 CET 2010


>> GMP-5.0 uses an itch/scratch logic, it allocates (almost) all needed
>> memory before starting the computation, and frees it all at the end.
>> GMP-4.3 allocates, then frees, then allocates again, and frees again...
>> It is much more difficult to get the "maximal" snapshot.
> maybe this latter strategy is better, since at any time you have allocated
> just what is really needed (assume for example you have several GMP
> threads on the same computer).

For very large operands, the overhead of some alloc/free is probably not
relevant, and the locked memory can be huge.
But a single alloc and a single free is probably good a good strategy for
small operands...

I think we should discuss this idea for the next version.

... and maybe set a PREALLOCATE_THRESHOLD :-P   (just kidding here)

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