update on mulmid-based inversion

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Sun Jan 10 22:31:47 CET 2010

David Harvey <dmharvey at cims.nyu.edu> writes:

  Congratulations on the GMP 5 release. I had only been expecting GMP
  4.4, this is a nice new year present :-)
GMP 4.4 was the code name for GMP 5.0 during development.  :-)

  I updated my mulmid-based inversion code for GMP 5, using the new
  mpn_invertappr for the base case. Results are still looking good.
  Table below shows cycles for inversion for 6 <= n <= 5000 on K8.
  Summary: new code starts to win at around n = 20, it's roughly 10-15%
  faster than mpn_invertappr up to about n = 2000, then falls behind
  again. I'll post the code on my website soon.
Nice results, and highly desirable for a future GMP version.


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