Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Wed Dec 8 18:35:42 CET 2010

Paul.Zimmermann at writes:

  after discussions with Marcelo Kaihara (thanks to him) I was able to reproduce
  his results with openssl-1.0.0c on a 2-proc 3Ghz AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 B55:

  I configured OpenSSL with GMP as follows:

  $ ./Configure linux-generic64 enable-gmp -lgmp -L$GMP/lib  -I$GMP/include

Should I interpret the command line as if this is for GMP 5.0?  What GMP
configured for the host processor of this system?  If it is, OpenSSL is
poorer than I had expected...

My point still holds: the numbers of the slides do not currectly show
the performance of GMP on RSA-2048.  At best, the numbers are a good
comparison between OpenSSL's max performance on RSA-2048 on a 1.5 year
old midrange CPU, with raw code running on the very latest highend GPU.

The main GMP development system. a 3.2 GHz X6 system, gives over 6400
RSA-2048 decrypt operations per second.  That's without adding the
OpenSSL overhead.


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