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This is not related to GMP or MPFR but you will find an OpenCl implementation of multiprecision operations at http://www.bealto.com/mp-opencl.html. Discussions about expected performance and limitations are described at http://www.bealto.com/mp-opencl.html http://www.bealto.com/gpu-benchmarks.html.

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Le 1 déc. 2010 à 09:46, Niels Möller a écrit :

> "Rick C. Hodgin" <foxmuldrster at yahoo.com> writes:
>> Is there a developer's manual about the internal structure of the GMP
>> and/or MPFR code?  Or is there a #irc channel where I could ask
>> questions?
> Start by reading the section about the mpn interface in the GMP manual.
> Questions can be asked on this list.
> To see if GPU support is promising, you may want to start by
> implementing the mpn_addmul_1 function for the GPU, and see what
> performance you get. Or if you have some particular application in
> mind, profile it to see which of the low-level mpn_* functions is most
> important to you. I suspect mpn_addmul_1 (or mpn_addmul_2, if
> implemented) is the main workhorse for most GMP applications.
> I don't know anything about how access to the GPU works; if it's
> available for ordinary users, if some operating system support is
> needed, etc. I imagine integration can be a bit tricky. A short summary
> about how it works would be nice.
> The current thinking about parallell processing is that dividing up the
> work for parallell processing is usually best done at some level a bit
> above the low-level arithmetic. It should be better to do several large
> operations in parallell than, e.g., let the low-level Toom-2/Karatsuba
> algorithm spawn subproblems to multiple cpu:s.
> For a SIMD architecture (GPUs are usually like this, right?)
> optimization considerations may be a bit different than for the usual
> GMP architectures. It might make some sense to try to implement
> mpn_addmul_k for some unusually large k, letting each cpu compute A *
> b_j where A is a bignum shared by all cpu:s, and b_j is a single word
> with different value for each cpu.
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> /Niels
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