Shared toom evaluation functions

bodrato at bodrato at
Thu Oct 29 16:35:59 CET 2009

Dear Niels,

> I've worked some more with shared evaluation functions, for evaluation
> in the points ±1 and ±2. To be able to share functions between toom43

Your mpn_toom_eval_pm1 has almost the same interface as my
mpn_toom_ev_pm1, I swapped the second and the third parameter wrt. yours
My mpn_toom_ev_lsh can be used for your mpn_toom_eval_pm2, but it can
evaluate also _pm4, or _pm8 as needed by higer degree Toom.
You can guess what mpn_toom_ev_rsh is for... They all are in the
toom-tools.h file I included in Toom-8.5. I will remove pm1 if it gets
included in GMP :-)

> and toom44, I also changed points for toom_interpolate_7pts to use -2
> instead of -1/2.

This is a good idea!

> If you agree this is the way to go, I'd like to get this in before
> further work on allocation cleanup.

Higher degree Toom use this kind of functions... so we will have them
anyway... I agree.



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