Toom-8 testing (mpz level)

Alberto Zanoni zanoni at
Wed Oct 7 12:44:15 CEST 2009

Dear developers,
                            I implemented a mpz version of Toom-8 algorithm 
for multiplication. On my architecture I obtained someway interesting 
results. You can find two graphics, for multiplication and squaring, at

(under "Toom-8 way for long integers multiplication" - thanks Marco !)

As I'm waiting for the publication of the proceedings of the SYNASC 2009 
conference, where the related paper was presented, currently I cannot put the 
paper itself, with all the details, on the web, but actually Marco is working 
quite ahead of it, and will surely produce something better at mpn level, 
with many new ideas, so I think that the paper is actually already obsolete.

Just to point out that Toom-Cook-k methods with k as high as 8 (may be even 
more ?) can be effective and worth implementing.


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