GMP 4.4 development

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Mon Nov 23 21:25:06 CET 2009

The GMP developers are busy working on what will become GMP 4.4.

Recently we have done:

* Added support for fat binaries for x86_64 (before it only worked on

* Improved mullo to use Thom Mulders trick

* Defined O(M(n)) REDC

* Improved mpz_powm in many ways.  It now has complexity O(M(n)m) where
  M(n) is the time to multiply two n-bit integers, n is the size of the
  modulus, m is the size of the exponent.  It is also somewhat faster
  for small operands.

There is a page dedicated to GMP 4.4 development here:
<>.  When there are no more red items,
we will release!


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