Shared toom evaluation functions

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Mon Nov 16 00:04:59 CET 2009

bodrato at writes:

  >   > We should use mpn_addlsh1_n in more places I think, even for the s,t
  >   > related computations, such as pm2 in toom72.  That will be a bit
  >   All evaluations in \pm2 and \pm1/2 for operands split in two should
  > better use the simple trick:
  >   b0 + 2*b1 = (b0 + b1) + b1
  > I think we do that already, at least on some of the toom files.
  Yes, we do. I mean, where we don't we should avoid addlsh1 anyway.
  > And if we want to continue adding assembly primitives, we could of
  > course do the above much faster using one single loop, doing two reads
  I'm not able to write in assembler... but I can propose to use an assembly
  function already written and never used :-D
I forgot to say: Please test that on sopme x86_64 machine (make && make
check) shoudl do it, and then commit it!

I checked in a aorrlsh2_n for x86_64.  It runs at 2.5 c/l on AMD K8-K10
and 3.0 c/l on Core 2 and i7.

You said it was useful.  Now use it.  :-)

(I was lazy and did not define the rsblsh1_n return value.  If you need
it, we can fix that.)


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