Various patches against gmp-4.3.0

Michiel De Wilde mdewilde.agilent at
Wed May 6 11:03:55 CEST 2009

>  Without the extern "C", the variable "point_string" is subject to C++ name
>  mangling: on win32 it becomes "?point_string@@3PADA", leaving an
> unresolved
>  symbol  "_point_string".
> Well, this is a C++ file, point_string is supposed to be a C++ variable,
> so if your compiler mangles its use but not its declaration, it sounds
> like a serious compiler problem.

tests/cxx/clocale.c is a pure C file, declaring "extern char
tests/cxx/ is a C++ file, defining "char point_string[2];".

Either the C++ file needs to have its definition of point_string wrapped in
extern "C", or at least it should see an "extern" declaration of
point_string wrapped in extern "C" first, which is not the case.
In the current code, the declared point_string in clocale.c and the defined
point_string in are not guaranteed to map to the same name for
the linker. It happens to work with gcc because this compiler doesn't mangle
global c++ variables (which is fine by itself, but not required).

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