Toom-Cook methods and even long integers

bodrato at bodrato at
Mon Mar 9 09:50:56 CET 2009

Hi everybody,

> Actually, for Toom-3 it seems that possible optimizations are not very
> effective, particularly when specific basic operations (A -= B/2) are

Early this year I experimented a slight optimization for Toom-3, saving
half an operation (the code for GMP 4.2.2 is available on my web site, ). Unfortunately this
optimisation is in conflict with the even-Toom-3 proposed by Alberto...

> Toom-3.5, for unbalanced operands, seems instead to be a bit more
> promising, even if more investigation is needed.

...on the other side the new sequences for the even-Toom-3.5 are perfectly
compatible with the strategy saving two half-operations used by the code I
announced one month ago. One more reason to start investigations from the



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